Hi, it's Peter & Matt. We work on making seed investments here at betaworks. What's your name?

Nice to meet you! Does your product have a name yet?

What's the quick description of the product?

Do you have a working prototype? It's okay if it's a beta or even alpha version. If you do, please include the link below.

If you don't have a link because it's an app that's not live yet, want to send us a TestFlight/HockeyApp? Just invite prototypes@betaworks.com

How can betaworks be most helpful for you? For context, our seed investments are usually $100-$500k, in the first outside/institutional round of financing (usually companies are raising $500k-$2m). If you're earlier than that, we're happy to try your product and give you feedback. *

Great to meet you and thanks again for reaching out. I'll take a look at the product and follow up from there.
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